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Audio Upgrade: August 2003

Zebra3 was a bit lacking in the audio department. With the old AM/FM/CB head unit and new sony 6x9 coaxial rear deck speakers, the sound was OK but not what I wanted.

So after a little shopping at EBay I had a Sony amp and a set of Infinity 6 door speakers.

The factory door speaker size is 6.5. My car did not come with door speakers so the door panels did not have speaker grilles. But,  conveniently the door panels had punch outs where the factory grilles should go.

Back to EBay to procure a set of factory speaker grilles. I got lucky and found a black set.

After the door speaker installation and the new amp the sound is now much louder and clearer but I think the af/fm/cb head unit cannot produce the sound quality I want. Eventually, I might install a new head unit underdash that uses todays technology.


Speaker kits come with these mounting adapters, but using them makes the speaker stick out of the door too much. I mounted the adapters, then used them as a template for drilling the final mounting holes.